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  • Understand what it takes for your website to be accessible and legally compliant
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Part of AODA Online’s mission to create an accessible Ontario includes sharing the knowledge we’ve collected through years of hands-on experience. We keep pace with technological and legal compliance developments, so we can relay those findings to those who trust AODA Online.

We can offer your team scenario-specific consulting to remediate errors, so you can finally achieve online compliance. Training can happen in-person or online, and it’s typically taught over the course of 1-2 days.

About AODA Online’s Senior Auditor

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Andre LeFort is Vice President, Technology at AODA Online, as well as tbk. He oversaw the development of AODA Online, and it remains something he’s truly passionate about.

Andre holds a software engineering degree from Western University, and served as a senior developer at 3M Canada before choosing to work full-time at tbk and AODA Online. He’s led web accessibility consulting projects for national brands like Tim Hortons and Toyota, and has spoken at the University of Guelph’s Accessibility Conference on the topic of web accessibility. He regularly offers webinars to further educate the public on accessibility compliance.

We’re proud to have been hired by large groups in both the private and public sectors to provide their web teams with web and document accessibility training.

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To inquire about hiring an AODA Online web accessibility consultant, simply reach out to us.